4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Expensive Kids Clothes

Factors to Consider Before Buying Kids Clothes – The Kids Fashion Guide

I don’t think there is one straight answer on whether you should buy expensive clothes for your kids.

With the cost of raising a child skyrocketing each year, it leaves many parents wondering whether they should spend much money for childrens clothing. After all they will soon overgrow them and they be forced to buy new ones.

In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about expensive kids clothes and what to have in mind when buying one.

What to consider before buying expensive kids clothes

1.   Brand

Let’s all agree that some big luxurious brands make large sales of clothes that are not necessarily wearable let alone sustainable. People only buy from them because they want to be associated with the big names.

In most cases, expensive brands often make quality clothes that can last the buyer many years.

However, it is difficult to point at one brand and recommend it. The only true opinion is one made by another customer who has bought clothes from that brand.

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For instance, you may see Hawaiian clothes for kids in US stores to find out whether their clothing are worth the price they go for.

2.   Sustainability 

Whether expensive or cheap everything we bring into our lives should be sustainable.

Some non-profit fashion lines would prefer to sell their sustainable clothes at a cheaper price just to get the word out there of the new ethical and sustainable fashion.

However, in most cases, the production of sustainable clothing is always expensive.

The reason being sustainability means less unless would mean less profit, to compensate these companies that sell sustainable clothing would place higher prices on them.

Sustainable children’s clothing means, quality, use of better environmentally friendly fabrics, and less wastage. The fabric used must be grown and manufactured responsibly, for instance, wool, organic cotton, rayon and hemp are all sustainable fabrics.

Choosing to buy expensive clothing for your children is contributing to environmental protection.

3.   Durability

Compared to cheap pieces of clothing, expensive clothes are more durable.

Every Parent will tell you how important durability when it comes to children’s clothing is.

Children spend most of their time outdoors. You want the child’s clothes to withstand the heavy and vigorous play they get themselves into.

You don’t want to be shopping every week for new pieces of clothing for your child.

Durability comes at an expensive cost, that should explain it.

4.   Quality

Apart from being sustainable and durable, your child’s clothing should be of exceptionally good quality.

Good quality clothing is often pricey, however, do not fall into the trap of a salesman and end up buying poor quality clothing at an expensive price.

The following guide should help you identify good quality clothing;

  • The clothing should be made out of natural fibres
  • The stitches should be even and closely spaced
  • The fabric should be less transparent.
  • Thicker fabrics are better than thin ones.
  • The fabric should feel soft and be comfortable against your child’s skin.

What you should not do when buying expensive kids clothes

a)   Buying in large quantities

When shopping for expensive clothes reduce shopping in large quantities.

Pricey children’s clothing will certainly keep off a majority of us from buying in large quantities, but for the moneybags, they might go overboard with buying their children expensive clothes.

b)  Spoil your child

The last thing you’d want to see is your children bouncing off in luxurious clothes and making their peers feel bad and poor.

Should be mindful of their spending habits on children.

Showering your child with expensive clothes among other languages in life will prove harmful to a certain extent.

When such children get to their teenage years they will portray a self-absorbed character, they may become self-centered, and rude.

They might as well remain dependent of their parents even in their twenties as no regular job may fully support their expensive lifestyle.

Again, this is just a presumption based on my observation. I fully endorse parents buying their children expensive clothing, however, it be kept at a minimum.


All children are raised differently. Some parents prefer to have their kids wearing all expensive outfits to reflect how well off they are, while some parents prefer to have their kids wearing simple, inexpensive outfits.

I for one would have my children dress in midrange price clothes. Simply because clothes around that price are fairly durable and sustainable.