What Do Customers Want from Websites?

Is your website content and accessibility right for your customers?

Websites are more and more important as we increasingly shop online. Sources of information, advice and guidance are also often now accessed via websites and courses and training are provided more frequently online. Even dating is taking place far more often over the internet. Getting your website right is crucial and there are certain key things that the website layperson, that is your customer or client, wants from a website, even if subconsciously. These key things include:

  • Readability – Is your message easy to understand?

Your message needs to be easily read and understood. If the text is too complex, your website message may not be available to all audiences. Moreover, bad spelling and grammar in your content could make it difficult to decipher your message. 

  • Content volume – Is your message easy to digest?

Your text needs to be quick and easy to navigate. If your text is too dense, with too many words per page, your message may be difficult to digest and people may give up reading. 

  • Usability – Can information on your website be found quickly?

Key information needs to be found quickly and easily by readers. For example, if content is hidden in PDFs, this can make it less easy to find.

  • Accessibility – Is your website user-friendly?

Your website should have good browser compatibility with the ability to function well across different browsers without problems. Moreover, people are more likely to continue reading when the formatting is friendly to a screen user. 

  • Mobile-friendly – Is your website friendly to the mobile-user?

More and more, we are accessing websites from our mobile phones. Therefore, mobile accessibility is really important. If your website can’t be easily used via a mobile, people are likely not to bother with your website and you could be losing customers. Moreover, the use of PDF format is not always ideal for mobile access.

Website content more often than not needs to be updated regularly. For this reason, all of the above factors needs to be constantly evaluated and reviewed. If you have multilingual content on your website, this is even more of a big task. You may operate in different countries across the world, or you may work in a country with a number of official languages or community languages. Whatever the circumstances, it is advisable to ensure that any linguist working on your multilingual content not only has the language skills required but also the necessary knowledge of website optimization. Linguation.com is an online translation agency with much experience in managing website translation projects. The translation agency will ensure that any website translation is not just worked on by a native-speaking translator but by a professional with the required skills in website design. Whatever the language, Linguation.com will ensure that your website message is quickly found, readable, easily understood and easily digested whatever device is used to access the website. More information about website translation at Linguation.com may be found at: … Read More...