Indoor Activities: Planning a Kid’s Party on a Tight Budget

Get outside the house, be creative, and keep it simple to save on your kid’s next birthday party. Parents want to make their kid’s birthday bash as memorable as possible. But sometimes, throwing an extravagant party just does not fit in their financial picture.

More or less 30% of the parents said that they spent at least $300 on their kid’s birthday parties and presents. For parents who have more than one child, the costs can increase dramatically if they have to account for more than one festivity every year. If you do not want to cough up money for a birthday party, do not worry. Here is how you can plan a children’s birthday bash on a tight budget without removing the fun part.

Find The Right Venue and Location

Throwing a children’s birthday bash on a tight budget is all about location. Having the event at a local park or at the backyard is two budget-friendly venue options. If parents are trying to plan a birthday party at home, if possible, try to have it when the weather is nice so that the children can enjoy the sun outside the house.

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Having an event at home can save a lot of money, but the wear and tear on the furniture, as well as the flooring of the house, and might not be worth the money. Taking the event in a park can give the guests a place to run and play. Parks can be an excellent location if parents want a budget-friendly event for kids because they usually do not require an admission fee, or they only need a small amount as a deposit to rent the whole space for one day.

If the weather will not cooperate, or if the kid’s planned party lands in the middle of winter, parents can throw the birthday bash on an indoor or a budget venue instead. Keep the list of attendees short, since most venues will base their deposit fee on the number of kids that will attend the event.

If you are trying to book a child-friendly place, make sure to stick with the less expensive package that can cover drinks and food for each attendee. Experts suggest that parents need to avoid paying additional fees (which is usually very enticing), like premium packages that include party favors, decorations, ice cream, balloons, and goody or loot bags.

It is where the cost of the event goes up, and it is usually not necessary. Party favors, ice cream, and loot bags are nice to have, but if the children are enjoying the venue and running around, they might not notice these things, and it will be just a waste of time and money to avail them.

Another tip on how to plan an excellent children’s birthday bash with a limited budget is to check the internet for websites like, that offer promos and discounts, or ask venues about discounts for hosting a birthday bash at off-peak days or time instead of doing the party on a busy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Keep Food Fudgets in Check

When you are planning for a children’s bash on a tight budget, cake and food can eat up most of the budget. For instance, the cost of a customized cake can run from $4.00 to $6.00 a slice. Multiply it by 20 guests, and you can easily spend more or less a hundred dollars on the cake alone. Listed below are some tips on how to save money on a birthday party.

First, make sure to set limits on the duration of the event. This way, you are not expected to feed everyone attending the whole day. Scheduling the event after mealtime could also help lessen the cost. For example, if you plan the party after lunch, the guests may be satisfied with eating snacks or finger foods. The next tip is to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing cake and food, over making the treats yourself.

Homemade and Do-It-Yourself food and snacks are two useful tips to save money on a party with a tight budget. If parents are an excellent baker and can make a few cakes in a small amount of time, then buying boxes of cake mix at their local grocery store can save them a lot of money. When they compare a two to three-dollar cake mix box to a $50 to $100 cake, they can see a big difference.

But if you do not know how to bake, or do not have time to make one, it might be worth to just pay for the cake or food and cut back on other parts of the budget. Lastly, when you are thinking about planning a children’s party on a tight budget, consider purchasing food in bulk from warehouse stores. There is a big chance that you can snag kid-friendly food or platters without spending a lot of money.

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Skip Fancy Invitations and Go with Low-Key Fun ones

A budget-friendly party for children can be fun, even if you are not spending a lot of money to set up a pony ride or rent a bounce house for your backyard. Entertainment options like a pinata, testing their limbo skills or letting them play with swings are cost-effective and straightforward ways to save a lot of money and incorporate fun activities into the day.

Experts recommend asking your family and friends to help with different activities like temporary tattoos, face painting, scavenger hunt, or bubble blowing competitions. If you want to purchase cheap game supplies, you can try visiting the local dollar stores that offer to help with a budget-friendly birthday bash for kids. When it comes to preparation on a tight budget, consider using digital invitations using social media or email instead of using paper invites. You will save a lot of money, and there is no risk of one of the attendees losing the invites before the parents receive it.