The Best Way to Use Essential Oil

Long-term drug consumption has more adverse effects than benefits for the body. Not surprisingly, many people first rely on natural treatments with essential oils before taking medicine. Many have proven that essential oil can be used as first aid in a deteriorating body condition.

In fact, essential oils do have a myriad of benefits, ranging from health, beauty, to household needs. Naturally, if essential oils become essential products that cannot be separated from everyday lifestyle. Let’s say, one bottle for everything. One more proof that this essential oil has many enthusiasts is the presence of a variety of essential oil communities, both online and offline.

Relieve the flu

Essential oils are basically not intended to diagnose, treat, treat or prevent any disease. But if there are people with viral diseases (like the flu) feel more comfortable using essential oils when the healing process, then you can say essential oils can help in terms of relaxation through the process of aromatherapy.

Overcoming Acne

It’s also not new that essential oils are useful for treating acne. In fact, a study states that essential oils have the power to treat acne as effectively as benzoyl peroxide. Because the essential oil from Bonnels is registered as an aromatherapy product, the personal experience of users of the product on acne can vary. So, it works to treat acne cannot be used as a standard reference that will provide the same results for everyone.

Used as Facial Spray

Essential oil can be used in the form of facial spray by dissolving it with our favorite facial spray liquid to get better results. When sprayed on the face or used as perfume, the aroma can help create the expected relaxed atmosphere.

When someone uses aromatherapy, they get benefits that are often not realized before, such as feeling relaxed, having inner peace, getting enough rest, quality sleep, thus minimizing the pressure on facial expressions, and as a result the aging process such as the appearance of fine wrinkles can be slowed.

How to Use it

Essential oil can be used by inhalation and topically. Inhalation for example inhaled directly, drop 1-2 drops on the palm of the hand, rub both hands, breathe in the scent of both hands directly. Whereas topical use is applied directly to the location of the desired body part or using a roll-on tool when applying.

For anyone who is just starting to use essential oils or have used them often, it is recommended not to apply essential oils in sensitive areas such as around the eyes, ears, genital organs, and mucous membranes (mucous membranes). Perform a patch test by applying 1-2 drops of essential oil to the base of the inner arm. Usually a reaction will occur within 5-10 minutes if the skin is sensitive. If a rash occurs, apply carrier oil to the area where the rash appears as often as needed.

It would be better to first read the instructions for use on each bottle of the product because these instructions … Read More...