Why Appearance Describes Your personality

Appearance is an important thing today. There are even some opinions which state that a person’s appearance is able to give an “impression” of how a person’s personality as a whole. For this reason, it is important for everyone to choose clothes or clothing, because this can give the impression and judgment of others who see it.

In general, a person’s appearance can be seen from the way they wear clothes, accessories worn such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and so on. Of course, a person’s appearance will only be “judged” at certain times, such as when traveling, then when attending an event, and other moments. Not that when you are at home you have to wear formal clothes, because at home is the time you can wear casual clothes.

Before discussing more about appearance, let us first discuss the elements contained in a person’s appearance.


Clothing is a textile and fiber material used as a body covering. Clothing is a basic human need besides food and shelter / residence (home). Humans need clothes to protect and cover themselves (source: wikipedia).

When it comes to clothes, the first most important thing when choosing clothes is to make sure that you are comfortable using it. Comfortable in this case does not only mean literally, because you also need to know the time, place, and conditions for wearing these clothes. For example, you are comfortable wearing pajamas, but of course that does not mean you have to wear pajamas for official occasions. Also, when you are traveling with your family, you will choose your own best clothes and maybe you will ask the best shirts for mom and dad or even for your siblings, right?


Accessories are items that are used to support or beautify the clothes you wear. Accessories can also help maximize appearance even if the clothes worn are very simple.

Many items can be used as accessories, such as watches, ties, bracelets, necklaces, bags, and so on. Its presence helps someone to reinforce their appearance. For example, a businessman when he will lead a meeting in his company, by wearing some accessories such as a suit, tie, and maybe with additional watches that match the clothes he wears, from this alone will reinforce the appearance of the person as an important person in the company.

Some of the reviews above explain about clothing and accessories. So, what causes the way of dressing is able to show someone’s personality? Here are some short reviews.

Appearance is Your Personality

Clothes make the man, is a common saying that many people know. Why this opinion? Of course, because many people agree that appearance is important for everyone.

Whether it’s in the career field, social life, or even romance, you will always be judged by your appearance. We were raised not to judge a book by its cover, but to be honest that is very impractical advice because it can only be done by people who have had the opportunity to get to know you personally.

It only takes half to thirty seconds for them to pass judgment on you. Once the first impression is created, it is almost impossible for them to change their minds. Try to ponder for a moment how many offers you fail to achieve and opportunities that just pass because you are personally convicted based on the appearance that is less attractive?

There is a saying, the clothes you wear are no longer just a body covering device, but an extension of your personality.

Imagine like this, if you have children later, surely you will prepare the best set of clothes for him. Whether you will choose crayon shirts for kids so that he/she looks cute or else. You love him so much that you don’t want him to appear messy. Well, why don’t you do it to yourself from now on?

Pay attention to the clothes you wear everyday, that is the true picture of how you see the quality of yourself. Careless appearance shows careless personality.

You don’t have to go far, when you see someone dressed carelessly, you will definitely judge that person to be careless, selfish, and unmanageable. This is the reason why someone’s appearance can show their personality.

That was some short reviews about how to dress and arrange them. Hope it is useful for the reader.